Company Profile

PT Socfin Indonesia (Socfindo) is part of the Socfin Group and is a leading Oil Palm and Rubber Plantation Company with its operations in North Sumatra and Aceh Provinces and its headquarters in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

In addition to oil palm and rubber products, the company sells advanced planting material and also provides agronomical and analytical laboratory services.

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"One can do nothing with nothing,
but one can do plenty with little."

— Adrien Hallet

The origin of Socfindo is credited to a Belgian agronomical engineer by the name of Adrien Hallet (1867-1925) who moved to Sumatra in Indonesia in 1905 where he devoted himself to opening new plantations.

Initially focusing on rubber exclusively, he soon ventured in oil palm plantations, opening the first commercial oil palm plantation on the Deli region of Sumatra.

Hallet’s pioneering spirit was envisioned in the group through his motto which we still hold by today: “One can do nothing with nothing, but one can do plenty with little.”
— Adrien Hallet

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Research and Development

Socfindo has always invested significant resources into agronomic research and development which is a key to Socfindo’s long-term competitiveness.

Today Socfindo Seed Production and Laboratories (SSPL) lead the R&D department and is the driving force behind delivering superior product and quality. SSPL also coordinates the joint research initiatives we have with third party institutions such as CIRAD and its affiliate PalmElit.

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Certification and Traceability


Robust certification standards and on-going verification are key tools to provide assurance to buyers, consumers and the general public whether an organisation is really implementing, undertaking and meeting sustainable practices in the production of their products.

Certification today is a key component of Socfindo’s business and sustainability. Socfindo today has full IP RSPO (Identity Preserved) and ISPO certification for all its mills and plantations, while its analytical laboratory is KAN accredited.


Traceability is the ability for a product and its component raw materials to be traced back along the supply chain to their original point of origin and is a key aspect of sustainability to consumers who want assurance where their products came from.

All (100%) of Socfindo’s palm products (Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel) can be fully traced back to the plantations and they are certified as such under the RSPO Certification Schemes which are the most robust standards for traceability currently available.

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