The origin of Socfindo is credited to a Belgian agronomical engineer by the name of Adrien Hallet (1867-1925) who moved to Sumatra in Indonesia in 1905 where he devoted himself to opening new plantations, initially focusing exclusively on rubber cultivation.

Observing the effect of the improved local conditions on oil palm yield and productivity he soon began planting and before long the first commercial oil palm plantation on the Deli region of Sumatra was born.


1908 - Our First Estate

Mr Adrien Hallet (a Belgian planter whom later co-owned
La Société Financière des Caoutchoucs Societé Anonyme
(Socfin SA) in 1919) was one of the directors of the Sungei
Lipoet Cultuur Maatschappij, a 1,500 acres planted with
rubber trees located in Tamiang district, Aceh - Indonesia.

1909 - Socfin SA Founded

Socfin SA (La Société Financière des Caoutchoucs) is
founded and registered in Brussels.

1911 - First to Plant Oil Palm

Mr Adrien Hallet is one of the Belgians to be credited with
being the first to plant oil palm in 1911 on a commercial
basis on Sumatra’s East Coast.

1965 - Nationalisation

The nationalisation era for foreign companies in Indonesia.

1968 - Join Venture

The establishment of PT Socfin Indonesia (Socfindo) as joint
venture company between the government of the Republic
of Indonesia and the Plantations Nord-Sumatra (PNS Ltd)
with the composition of shares of 60 : 40 (PNS : RI).

1974 - Scientific Support & Supervision

An agreement is signed between Socfindo and IRHO
(Institute de Recherches pour les Huiles et Oléagineux),
a French institute, provided the scientific support and
supervision for Socfindo's desire to extend its activity on
agronomical applied research.

1984 - Bangun Bandar Appointed as Seed Producer

Socfindo Bangun Bandar Seed Production is legally
appointed as one of the oil palm seed sources and
producers in Indonesia.

2001 - Transfer of Shares

Transfer of shares from the government of the
Republic of Indonesia to PNS Ltd with the new
composition of shares of 90 : 10 (PNS : RI).

2004 - DxP Lame & DxP Yangambi Released

Socfindo releases its oil palm seed varieties called the
DxP Socfindo (L) for Lame variety and DxP Socfindo (Y)
for Yangambi variety.

2008 - Aek Loba Appointed

Socfindo seed garden in Aek Loba Seed Production
is legally appointed as one of the sources for oil
palm seed in Indonesia.

2011 - Composting Project Started

Socfindo starts its composting project in Bangun Bandar
and has it validated by the UNFCC under the clean
development mechanism (CDM).

2012 - Analytical Laboratory

Socfindo establishes its analytical lab and starts receiving internal samples the following year.

2013 - DxP MT Gano Released

Socfindo releases its oil palm seed variety tolerant to
Ganoderma disease called DxP Socfindo MT Gano.

2014 - DNA Laboratory

Socfindo commenced its operation
DNA laboratory.

2015 - Fully Certified RSPO

Socfindo is fully certified RSPO (Roundtable for
Sustainable Palm Oil).

2016 - Fully Certified ISPO

Socfindo is fully certified ISPO
(Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil).

2017 - Tissue Culture Lab

Socfindo Tissue Culture laboratory began its operation.

Fully Certified ISCC

Socfindo is fully certified ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification)

2018 - Laboratory Certified

Socfindo completes its range of laboratory
services by adding certified water analysis.

2019 - Awarded CER Credit

Socfindo has its CDM composting project in Bangun
Bandar verified by the UNFCC and is awarded 27,656 CER
credits, compensating its efforts in reducing greenhouse
gasses emissions.