Socfindo is first and foremost a Plantation Company making the agronomic decisions and investment to allow the plantation to thrive focusing on long term productive gains. A disciplined approach which focuses on continuous productivity of land and reducing waste is at the heart of Socfindo’s success. These two core aspects of sustainability have been ingrained practices in Socfindo since its founding in 1911, long before the concepts of sustainability had been formally conceptualized.

Our focus has always been on our actions and mindful management in a disciplined manner, focusing on results, the land and our people. This is reflected today in sustainability being a core part of our business, with 100% of our palm products being certified under the RSPO and traceable to the plantation level. Socfindo is committed to continual incremental improvement in sustainability performance and to continue its efforts to play its part as a responsible producer of sustainable palm oil.

Sustainability Report

As an example of our commitment to continually evolve our sustainability efforts, we have recently finished our first formal Sustainability Report prepared under the GRI reporting format.

This report marks a significant step in our sustainability journey and provides a transparent window on how we manage sustainability, our policies and a snapshot of our performance across a range of material environmental and social parameters.

Download Our Sustainability Report 2018


Socfin Group Responsible Management Policy

Socfindo is part of the Socfin Group and as such its Sustainability strategy, policy and decision making adheres to Socfin Responsible Management Policy of 28 March 2017.

Socfindo Code of Ethics

In addition and supplementary to our sustainability polices, we have adopted the group corporate code of ethics and rules for governance when dealing with third parties: Corporate and Suppliers Codes of Ethics.

Socfindo Sustainability Policies

Socfindo has adopted the following Sustainability Policies which encapsulate Socfindo’s current commitments and strategic priorities in relation to Sustainability. These policies are implemented, socialised and monitored at all Socfindo’s operations and sites and form the strategic high level guidance across Socfindo around which we direct our sustainability efforts. These policies will be reviewed, refined and updated as our understanding of sustainability, our priorities and our capabilities evolve over time.

Socfindo Quality Management System

In addition to our sustainability policies, our Quality Policy describes how Socfindo addresses the quality of its products and services as well as its quality management system.

Sustainability Performance

For a detailed overview of our current sustainability performance across a full range of material sustainability parameters, please see our latest sustainability report.

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